Monday, December 26, 2005


From left to right... Me, Bro & Sis in Law

From left to right... Jojo, Me & Tiny

first pic by bro in law, second by bro. They both were the cameramen for christmas... heh

Monday, December 19, 2005

Happy Holidays...

Here's to all the bloggers and blogbuddies... Have a safe and wonderful holiday.

(Early wishes since I know won't be able to update this blog until whenever)

Columbia River scene

Morning light...

Meet Tijo... & y'all know Meera...

busier than a bee

I... hate it.

Anyways... havent posted pictures in along time so.. here they are

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Kitty Kronikles

So I took Meera to the vet's for Lukemia booster shot... Well long story short, I came home with 2 cats. How did I manage to do that?

Well... I've been hunting for another kitten so that Meera doesnt have to be alone. Many of the ads in the paper had kittens but mom didnt want black kitties, cuz she said she'll freak out if she sees black figures darting around the house at night.. and of course the kitties were not in close proximity and I don't know my ass around Warrenton & Seaside.

Anyways... When mom and I went to the vet, there was a sign that said "FREE KITTENS". Mom was waiting in the car with Meera while I paid the bill.. I decided to ask about the sign, and the girl said they have the kitties in the back... They were already spayed/neutered, receieved shots etc etc... She told me they were not little, but they were around Meera's age... which is 3-4 months. She took me to the back and showed me a couple... A black female kitten, and a black on white male kitten... I held the male kitten and he immediately began to purr... I thought that was a good sign. Part of one of his ear is cut off... But that's alright... There was another kitty that looked just like Meera... But I guess someone is planning to get it so it was on reserve.. pff!

The "new" boy in the house is very gentle... and calm (maybe cuz he got his balls chopped off?), but he's such a sweetheart. When I intro Meera to him, she sniffed him and then hissed at him, eep! Then she kept doing that freaky cat thingie, standing on hind legs and having her hair raised... I told her to knock it off.. She would hiss, and then growl at him. But the lil guy didnt seem to be affected by it. Afterall he did share a home with a female.. so naturally he was alright with Meera, but Meera been an only child for the past 2 months, she's forgotten that she was born with bunch of other kitties... lol.

Mom wanted the kitties in the basement, since the place was bigger and all... The new kitty felt right at home, was sniffing around... We put Meera down there cuz we need to train her to stay there and she was sitting in the top of the stairs and staring at the boy... and she'd hiss and growl at him... He would follow her wherever she went... and if she happens to escape and come upstairs, the lil dude would start meowing since he's lonely... awww!!!

Dad went downstairs to check on them and he said that those 2 were sitting by eachother on the same step so I guess they are buddies now? I just hope they don't have a major fight tonight as to who eats and poops where.

I don't know who to feel sorry for... I feel bad for the new kitty since Meera is being a poopie head to him... and yet I also feel sorry for Meera cuz she's been the spoiled one and gotten so much attention.. since we are trying to train them to get used to the basement, none of us "played" with Meera tonight... so she's prolly feeling a big neglected and a lot jealous.


I don't know what to call the new kitty... Tiny and I like Mojo, but my parents haven't decided on anything yet... pfff.. I also like Kitcha... I was planning to name my very first cat Arya.... maybe I should do that... hmmmm

Ah.. I'm tired.

Meera & I

Monday, November 21, 2005

Indigo Memories...

That's the name of my photography business =P.

My first venture is taking Christmas pictures of the kids at the daycare with Santa Claus. This is gonna be fun! =D

I know what you are thinking... "What happened to orange memories?"... well... I should have gone for the orange peacock feather and orange saree, but I realized that too late... Oh well =). Orange is still my love. hehehehehe...

I was thinking of coming up with.. "orange-u-crazy for photography" as a title.. but that was just tooo long.. lol.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Fall lalalala

Monday, November 14, 2005

Some pics...

In a biiiiig hurry... :P, gotta get ready for work.. and some pictures wont upload cuz they are big pff...

Friday, November 04, 2005


Lazy Meera

Jojo's teddy

Jojo & Meera =P

Jojo & Meera... Again

Edible Jewels...

I'm so in love with this photo...


Black t-shirt as background
No flash
Exposure -1
Self timer
Macro mode
Florescent light mode

And used my good old camera Canon Powershot S410 rather than the Rebel XT.

Jojo & Meera

Monday, October 17, 2005

Ok.. thats it for now...


Mother & Daughter...

Sis in law and her mommy =)

Sis and I...

Poopie heads =P

Jojo car...

Cho chweeeet

We were pretending to that we were in an old tamil song...

tree hugger

Santa Indu

Sis's family...

Jojo's new friend... :)

That's my sis in law's daddy =)

Indu's twin... =P

I scratched this tree for you honey...

I want to marry my creative juice... =P


"Naan Kadavul"... (I didnt say it...)

Super man

Presenting.. my brother in law =P


meera crazy



Saturday, October 15, 2005

Sexy man debut...

I present you... my one and only brother =)

You may wonder... wow! He's so serious looking... well duhhhh... he's always like that... I got pictures to prove! Click me

Thursday, October 13, 2005


Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Meet my baby... Meera

Bed hog...