Thursday, March 30, 2006

Pygmy Marmoset

This lil guy was my fave of the lot.. he was so tiiiiinnnnyyyyy and soooo cuuuuuuuute!!!!!!!! it's as big as my hand. CHOOOOO CUUUUteee, esp when its grooming its tail. Too bad it was in a dimly lit glassish cage... kinda hard to get a good picture.


Orangutan & Swamp Monkey...

kid had his face pressed against the glass, and the orangutan did the samething.. and when the orangutan got tired, he tapped the glass with his lip, and when he saw that the kid didn't get the clue, he simply got up walked over to the other orangutan who was already in the corner, under a cardboard because he didn't want any attention... =P


Love this lil dude...




This lil bugger was sitting on top of one of the gift shop, then got down and decided to show it all off... he kept at it for a good 5 minutes.. Couldnt get a full nice pic cuz everyone was standing around gawking at it.. and kids were just walking in and outta the picture O_O

Yellow Lorikeet...

Red Lorikeet

Happy Rainbow Lorikeet

Visit to the zoo...

Strange bird, didn't pay attention to the name...


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Half melted snow

Kitty tracks..

Last Friday it snowed over here... Lasted for a really short time, cuz by the time it was 10/11ish am it melted off.. Tijo had fun though =)


Friday, March 03, 2006

Spring is around the corner...

Can't wait! =)

More flowers

Pink flowers

Vankalai beach...

Digging through some pix

hehehe.. I look drunk

3 dinghies


Sis in law

daughter in law & mother in law

4 dinghies

Pictures from New year...

I'm using some stupid software supplied with my camera, and the quality of pic is awful after editting bahh!!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Back in action

Errr.. I think =P

I'm gonna go roaming around the block later in the morning tomorrow and take pictures.

Anyways... I'm taking Spring pictures @ the daycare on the 15th. I'm tryna collect props to use and stuff... kinda brainstorming and thinking about how to setup stuff. It's gonna be a looooong day, but I'll definitely have fun.




Purple crocus


Seconds from disaster

Last night I was watching "seconds from disaster" on National Geography channel.

The first one was an hour long one on TWA 800's mysterious explosion that happened 1996, the other one on Space shuttle Columbia.

I was so sleepy and yet I couldn't peel my eyes off the TV.

The TWA 800's explosion happened 2 days before I was due back to Oregon from Canada... and my flight was a TWA also. I remember being freaked out about it.

The program was talking about what happened, and the investigation it under went and then the what exactly caused it. It was quite scary and very intriquing. They kept showing a computer dramatization of the fuselage exploding which caused the plane to break into 2... The nose half nose dived into the ocean... the tail half climbed up about a 1000 ft before it plunged down... Here I was wondering how the people inside the 2 halfs felt...? Some of them would have been already killed off with the explosion.. but the remaining ones...? What about the ones that were sitting right where the plane broke in half? Imagine the state of the kids in it...?

Then there is the shuttle... breaking the earth's atmosphere speed of nearly 7500 MPH.. and the exterior disintegrating... doesn't leave much time for the people inside to think about their potential demise cuz they basically burned within seconds.

I couldn't sleep after I watched the program so I kept flipping the channels. I was haunted with the thoughts of the death of those people. It's amazing how a small maintenance issue could create a catastrophe.

I still can't shake off that feeling.

Tamil songs...

I like watching the new songs on SunTV Saturday mornings... Most of the songs they played I already have them in my car... but the songs were so unpleasant to watch... not that it was horrible picturized.. but it was just not to my liking.

For instance "Dailamo" song from Dishoom... It was too bahhh for me, I'm so sick of seeing songs that are setup all weirdo and "ultra modern".

Out of the 6 or 7 songs that were played, only two appealed to me..

1. Athisayamaanathu kaathal - Kodambakam. It was beautifully picturized. The natural beauty fo the village was utilized very well...

2. Idam porul paarthu - Chithiram Pesuthadi. Samething... very sweet, and simple picturization.

The other songs seemed so setup and fake... bah..!

I'm sick of liking songs and later on disliking them because of the awful picturization!