Thursday, June 30, 2005


What the heck is this bug??? It reminds me of a dog... The face I mean... =/

Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Mom had bunch of her "gladioli" in a vase... After I got tired of taking pictures of the kids, I directed my attention towards the flowers... Amongst all that, I discovered an inch worm furiously eating away at the pollens... Who would have thought that he would tag along??? Its been in the house for the past 2 days and no one noticed it... Anyways, this lil dude put a hole in on of the petals... I was tryna get a picture of the wormie, naturally of course... My focus kept going off and kept focusing on the hole... I saw a bud through it... thats what I have below... The hole was no bigger than my pinky nail... It looked kinda cool. I had to crop some of the crap off... Even though its grainy and kinda fuzzy, I still like it... *shrug*

Little confused toes...

***The footwear in the second picture belongs to me...***

T-I-N-Y Letters...



Monday, June 27, 2005


A little fuzzy... but who cares...

Friday, June 24, 2005

Oreo... Neighbor's kitty

Stinky daisy

Caterpillar's hide out...

Not really... I put him there... He didnt like it...


Morning glory...


Day lilies 2


Wednesday, June 22, 2005

*meow* #2

I dropped by the daycare to see my old boss. She called me few days ago asking if I was gonna come by, and I felt really bad since I didnt go see her soon as I got here... I did call up, but one of my coworker said that our director wont be in for that whole week...

Anyways, soon as I went inside... It was just like a cartoon scene... *swoooop* a bunch of kids came and hugged me, screaming "merinoOOOOooooo". It was like I was a giant magnet and they were little nails, came flying and stuck to me...

Ah.... kids.. kids who are not related to me... *grins*

I sat in the office talking with my boss for hours on end... One of the girls drew me a picture of a flower... =).

Anyways... looks like I'll be working on and off at the daycare too... Perhaps it would keep me sane... I know I'll be swamped, but anything to keep me busy...!!!

Everybody wants a piece of Merino!

I'm gonna go read the rest of "Deception Point", that book is quite interesting... I also ordered few more books off of its kinda sad though, half of the books I bought are just laying around collecting dust, all cuz they failed to capture me within the first few pages... can you blame me though? I'm not going to sit there trying to force feed the damn book into my brain. Hopefully the new ones are interesting enough... Amongst the books, one of them is an English version of "Ramayana"... I know the whole story, but hey... it would be interesting to read. I also ordered "Autobiography of God"... The little editors note looked pretty interesting... I like funky stories anyway... and "When memory dies"... and the other one is "The Alchemist"... I doubt I'll have time to read with work and all... maybe I could take a book to work, to keep me awake all those eerie hours.

Uh oh... eyes are getting heavy... Tata


Taken last year at the little park/pond in my apartment complex. The picture's sorta fuzzy hmm...

Oh well.

Apparently I miss being in Beaverton...

Monday, June 20, 2005


Starting work this Thursday... Wish me luck...



Nivetha sat beside her son, Timothy's bed and watched him sleep peaceful.
His little fingers wrapped his old T-Rex toy. Little smiles flashed on and off from his little lips.

"Are you dreaming little fellow?", Nivetha whispered.

She laid a soft kiss on his forehead and went into her room. She had a big album on her bed, filled with pictures of Timothy from a tiny little agitated bundle to a healthy 8 year old... She touched the very first picture of Timothy softly... He looked so grumpy, wearing a green hat and a sweater with matching green booties. "How time flies...", she sighed.

Nivetha went through hell to adopt Timothy. Having seen all the heartaches and headaches her friends had with being married, she refused to fall into that trap herself.

"What's a marriage if you can't spend it with someone you like? I haven't found a someone, and I'm not willing walk high and low to find someone just to settle down... I cannot accept to be with someone you pick out for me, because its someone you picked out, and not me", Nivetha quietly told her father.

Her father sighed. "You need someone my dear child, are you going to spend the rest of your life alone?"

Nivetha looked into his eyes and smiled softy, "Not at all dad, I want to adopt a child".

All hell broke loose at that moment.

In the distance a thunderstorm broke out. Their arguments were drowned out by each rumbling thunder.

Finally the rain subsided.

Nivetha's father sat quietly. His eyes were red with anger, and his heavy breathing filled the room. Nivetha looked at her father apologetically.

"Dad, it would really make me happy... Isn't that what you want for me? For me to be happy?".

Her father did not look up, but he knew she had a point... Should it matter what form happiness takes, as long as his daughter is happy?

He slowly got up and looked at his daughter and sighed, "Whatever makes you happy", he finally said.

Nivetha looked at him surprised. He raised his eyes towards hers, and smile. Nivetha broke into a big smile. "Thank you dad!", she gave her dad a hearty hug.

The adoption process was not at all easy. She got rejected several times as she was single. Even with many referrals and recommendation, she still got rejected.

Several years dragged on, she was determined to have her ways.

One fine day, it happened... It came through, she was thrilled.

So it began, little Timothy came into her life. She was her pride and joy. Timothy, Nivetha and her dad spent countless days roaming around.

One by one, years went by... Timothy was getting older. His fifth birthday came, and they had a grand celebration. The kid was happy, and Nivetha was happier, and her father was happy for both of them.

Nivetha's eyes were filling up with sleep. She closed the album, turned off the light and closed her eyes.


The next day, Nivetha took Timothy to play with his cousins. She had an errand to do, so she arranged a play date with her cousin's kids.

She gave a small kiss on Timothy's forehead, "Be on your best behavior, I'll be back in a flash", she caressed his chin.

Timothy smiled and nodded.

For the rest of the day, Nivetha was busy finishing up the errands, while Timothy was busy playing with his cousins.

Nivetha went to fetch Timothy around 6pm. He was sitting in the corner with a big frown. Soon as Nivetha stepped into the room, the look on his face reminded her of the very first picture of him in his little green outfit.

Nivetha smiled, "ooops, what have I done now", she chuckled.

"What's wrong little man?", she asked stroking his hair...

Timothy pulled away quickly, and folded his arms. The reaction generated a little tugged at her heart... Never has he done that, but she dismissed it quickly.

"What's wrong...?", she crouched down to look at him.

"Nothing... Lets go home", he got up and started heading out.

Nivetha figured he was tired, so she bid goodbye to her cousin and followed Timothy.

Timothy was really quiet all the way home. Usually, he's such a chatterbox, telling her everything he did and saw, but not tonight.

Nivetha watched him, and wondered what's going on in that mind of his. She didnt want to agitate him further, so she let him be.

Days go by... Timothy is not himself. Nivetha wanted to talk to him, but she felt that she'll give him some space for the time being. She took him to his favorite place, but the whole time they were there, none of them spoke.

That whole week his behavior has been strange... Nivetha was trying to read up on child psychology, and it wasnt helping much either.

When the arrived home, he ran straight to his room before Nivetha could say anything. She sighed and went to setup dinner.

Half an hour later, "Timo darling, come down to eat".

No answer.

"Timo, did you hear me, its dinner time".

No answer.

"What is the matter with that boy?", Nivetha crooked her lips and started walking up the stairs.

The door was slightly ajar. She peeked in to see Timothy playing video games and furiously pushing away at the buttons. He was not exactly winning, looked like his mind was somewhere else.

"Timothy...", Nivetha said softly.

That instant, he stopped pushing the button and stared at the screen.

"Lets go eat dinner".

"I'm not hungry".

"Did you already eat at Aunty's?"


"Then come and eat".

"I said I'm not hungry", he said agitated.

Nivetha walked up to him and touched him. He recoiled.

Nivetha looked at him puzzled. "What's the matter?".

"NOTHING! I DONT WANT TO EAT. STOP BUGGING ME!", he yelled right in her face.

"Don't take that tone out on me young man", as she said, she gave him a slap on his arm.

The reaction surprised both of them. Nivetha has never laid a hand on him as such, and Timothy has never been disciplined as such.

Timothy looked at her, with the expression on his face showed hatred towards her. She felt devastated, tried to touch him... He got up and backed up towards the corner.

Nivetha looked at him in disbelief.

"Timothy... I'm sorry, I'm really sorry", she trembled.

Timothy said something right then, that break her heart. "If I was your real child, you wouldn't have slapped me", his voice wavered.

Nivetha looked at him shocked, eyes brimming with tears. Her lips trembled. "Timothy?", she said weakly.

"Nicholas and Maria told me I was adopted. They told me I'm not your real kid", his voice so low, he started.

Nivetha sat down on the floor. "So that's what has been bothering him all these days...", she thought.

Right at that moment, Nivetha started crying. For the first time in her life, she felt like her heart was going to explode. She wrapped her arms around her knee and buried her face. Loud sobs echoed throughout the room, shocking Timothy. That's the first time he has seen his mother cry. He felt aweful. That... made him cry. His tiny voice wavered. He covered his face and cried. Even though his cries were so tiny compared to Nivetha's, she stopped immediately and looked at a little person sitting in the corner and sobbing. Now his cries filled the room, he didnt know that his mother has stopped crying.

For Nivetha, all she could see is a tiny little baby, dressed in green outfit, crying his little head off because he was afraid of this new world he's been introduced to. Nivetha wiped her tears off, got up and walked towards her sobbing son. She sat down in front of him, scooped him up and held his face.

Timothy looked her through teary eyes. She wiped the tears off, and hugged him. Just then she felt two little hands returning back her hug. She smiled, and rocked her little baby boy from side to side.

"I love you Timothy, you'll always be MY child, no matter what others say".


The End.

Sunday, June 19, 2005


Found this lil guy dangling onto the rose's leaf... The breeze was kind of harsh, and yet, the guy clung on...


Vaanameh ellai...

I took the shot with my hand pointing towards the sky... It looks a bit washedout cuz of the flash... Without the flash it looked too dark.. Either way, it's gonna look like I photoshoped my hand... But only the writing I did with photoshop. I always imagine jumping up towards the sky and scribbling my name with the clouds... =)... I should take a picture holding a pen or a crayon against the sky background and try it that way too...

Happy Father's Day

I yoinked a poem off of somewhere... and made this for my daddy =)

I told mom... "look, dad when he was younger... he looks like Shaam". Mom is like... yeah... and I continue; "Dad is thinking... "Eppadi iruntha naan.. Ippadi aayittaen"....

Dad is like, "All because I married her". Hee!! Hee!!! Heeeeeeee!!!... Mom is like "Whaaat... neenga ippadi sonnaa, naan eppadi solluvaen endu yosichi paarunga"... rofl.


Thursday, June 16, 2005


I got a call early this afternoon...

It was from the place I went for interview... they asked me if I accept the job... I was like... Can I think about this for a bit? She said sure and gave me the number and hung up... I talked to my parents... and they were like.. "see how it goes for a few week, and if its too hard for you to handle, you could quit"...

Meh... After some thought, I called back and I said I accept the job... Now I gotta do the drug test thingie.. and they gonna get me in there to get my ID and blah blah and everything set up... =/.

I'm still kinda "Eh" about this job... But I'll see where this leads... I'm just sad my sleep time is gonna get topsy turvy...

Oh well... Atleast I can save some money.... Right? O_o


Another one from the balcony... It looked awesome in person... =P


Taken earlier this year... He has tiny attention span so I havent had a chance to have a close up of photo of him lately... plus he needs a haircut. =P

He's lying down on this picture... thats why the picture is landscapey =P


Here's Tekla & Jordan

Ms. Chatterbox & Mr. Mischievious

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Yum! Yum!

Original...: By the way... This is Jordan =)

Yellow & red flower...

Orange lily

Survey Q's.

Obviously, I'm really bored...!


1) What is your diary name?

  • Orange-a-whelmed

2) Where did you grow up?

  • Maldives most of my life, and in Oregon

3) At what age did you stop looking at the world with amazement?

  • I haven't stopped...

4) What would you be the patron saint of?

  • Orange? (I'm stumped... seriously)

5) Quincey or Diagnosis Murder:

  • neither
6) Your favourite Lord of the Rings character?
  • Gandolf and Gollum

7) You are attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. What house would you be in?

  • Griffindor

8) You have been told that the world is ending in 24 hours, what do you do?

  • Be with the people I care about... and about an hour before its all over, I'll sit in peace and wait for the end.

9) You've just won $10,000,000. What are you going to do with it?

  • HOLY SHIT! That's a lotta money!! (I wrote monkey... ). Keep a few million and then give some to family and friends, and the rest to all the poor people in the world.

10) The thing that most annoys you about your job is?

  • N/A

11) Your dream holiday?

  • Soaking up the sun in Jamaica and taking tons and tons of pictures

12) Here's a pound coin. Put 5 records on the jukebox.

  • nahhh.. too lazy

13) where were you when you first heard about 9/11?

  • I was in bed, sleeping

14) tell a topical one-liner joke

  • too lazy
15.) Would you (or could you) have watched the televised autopsy on UK Channel 4 last week?
  • HUUUUUUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhh?

16) If you could live one moment over and over (think "Groundhog Day"), what moment would it be?

  • haiyo! haiyo! haiyayayayo!!

17) What is your favorite holiday tradition and why?

  • I have a favorite holiday tradition???? how come no one told me this...

18) What is one thing that you hate about department stores?

  • damn people parking their bit fat ass in the middle of the isle and wont budge! they think they own the damn isle... move itttttttttt

19) For 5 seconds clear your mind. Good. Now write the first thing that you can think of!:

  • Frogs

20) 10 seconds, who is hotter, Ozzy Osbourne or Marilyn Manson and why?

  • Yucks... neither

21) When does history become myth?

  • You tell me...

22) When you're a teenager you think your actions and behaviour are logical, when you're an adult you can't believe you thought that way, when does this transition occur?

  • Beats me... I know I haven't gone through that transition yet

23) Many people lose their faith when they confront the evil of man for the first time and fully comprehend it for what it is and blame God for allowing it to happen instead of the person for choosing to do such a thing, how would you comfort them (assume you have strong faith)?

  • I ain't answering your religion assignment questions for you...!!

24) Why are Americans so uptight about sex?

  • ThEY ARE???

25) Why are lava lamps just so fascinating?

  • Cuz the globs are so hypnotic... just like homer simpson's fat rolls

26) Who would you like to be chained to?

  • a monkey, no people thank you very much.

27) When you look in the mirror, what looks back at you?

  • I think it's me... *squints..* yes yes... thats definitely me...

28) water: tap or bottled? why?

  • at home, its tap water... anywhere else, its bottled water

29) Your favourite pizza?

  • with all the works..!! sausages, pepperoni, green pepper, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, olives... *drool*

30) Do you find train-stalking to be an enjoyable pastime?

  • no... not for the one whose being stalked

31) Who gave you your first kiss?

  • My parents... when I was born duhhHHHH

32) What are you wondering?

  • wouldn't you like to know...

33) Your favorite out of yes & no:

  • yes

34) How many real friends that you know of, do you have?

  • real friends? a bunch

35) Did you enjoy all these questions?

  • its ok... its different from all the other surveys I've taken of course...

36) Whats your favorite brand of sneaker?

  • dont have a favorite brand...

37) Do you like formal or casual dances better?

  • casual dances

38) Bar or club?

  • neither

39) Stitches or a broken bone?

  • stitches

40) Inside or Outside?

  • nice mix of both

41. What major decision in your life would you change if you could?

  • none... but whats the point eh?

42. Do you walk fast, slow, or somewhere in between?

  • depends... usually somewhere in between

43. So you get along better with guys or gals better?

  • both

44. Do you have a phobia?

  • i wouldnt say phobia... but I dont like spiders... (not afraid of them, just dont like 'em... If I was afraid would I even smoosh it to death? I'd get someone else to do it no?)...

45. Favorite body part on the opposite sex?

  • strong arms

46. Do you have pets?

  • *sobs* nooooOOOOOoo *sobs*

47. Have you ever pretended to be a member of the opposite sex?

  • once for halloween

48. Is your bedroom clean?

  • anything but clean

49. Will you please post a picture of yourself here?

  • already have 'em in here

50. Do you think you're attractive?

  • i dont think i'm fugly

51.What's your favourite breakfast cereal?

  • post honey oats ... mmmmm.. with almonds.. yummmyyyy

52.Describe your favorite outfit?

  • lol... a monkey shirt and a pair of funky pants with flip-flops =P

53.Describe your best memorie(s)?

  • Our island visits in Maldives.. Every other weekend or so, my family and our family friends would hire a boat and head out to an island about 30 minutes away from the capital Male'. We usually go to Kuda Bandos... its tons of fun! We soak up the sun... We soak up sea water as well... and come home later in the evening. *sigh* What a life.

54.If you were a member of the opposite sex what would you want your name to be?

  • prolly the name... "Merino".. its actually a dude's name

55. List five things everyone should know about you.

  • stubborn
  • kind of artsy fartsy
  • seek perfection only in certain things (example, photos)
  • does not like to eat her own words... as in say something, and later turn out wrong, i hate that =P
  • dislike stupid stuff and stupid people, so if i do something stupid i never forgive myself

56. Insert a random quote here.

  • Don't worry, be happy???

57. Who is your current crush?

  • Haha... isn't it obvious...

58. Pro-choice or pro-life?

  • Can't give a black & white answer... My answers are all grey. IT JUST DEPENDS!

-- Everyone's welcome to do it... but don't have to =) --

Another questionnaire thingie...

No of Albums I own

  • Can't be more than 50

First Album that I bought

  • Cassette: V.I.P
  • CD: Indhu =P

Last Album that I bought

  • I dont buy albums anymore... I download them.. yeah yeah yeah

Currently Listening to

  • None... But I do have "chinna chinna mazhai thuligal" - En swasa kaatre, stuck in my head...

Albums that I would want to take with me if marooned on a deserted island

All my mixed CDs...

  • Dance beats - dapangoothu/western
  • Arabian beats
  • Slow sensual beats

My Favorite songs (For Lyrics) (no particular order..)

  • Minnale nee - May maatham
  • Oh maname oh maname - Ullam ketkume
  • Etho ondru - Lesa lesa
  • Unakena irupaen - Kaathal
  • Unthan desathin - Desam
  • Maya maya - BaBa
  • Athinthom - Chandramukhi
  • Imsaiye unakku - Thakathimitha
  • Kaathalai yaarthaan - Thakathimitha
  • Lajjavathiye - 4 Students
  • Vaitha kann - Bose

I know there's lots more... cant remember them for the time being

Songs that you are most likely to hear me sing or hum

  • Kaathal pisasey... - Run
  • Raa raa - Chandramukhi
  • Theepidikka theepidikka - Arinthum Ariyamalum
  • Konjam konjam - Arinthum Ariyamalum
  • Engey sellum intha paathai - Sethu =P
  • Coimbatore coimbatore - Jithan
  • Irendu manam vendum - Vasantha maazhigai
  • Yaarukkaaga - same movie
  • Vaazhve maayam - same movie
  • Ponaal pogattum poda - dont know the movie =(
  • Engey nimmathi - dont know the movie =(
  • Etho ondru - lesa lesa
  • Pettai rap - Kaathalan
  • Urvasi urvasi - Kaathalan
  • Hey dandanakka dandanakka dandanakka sarakku - AEI!!
  • Lajjavathiye - 4 students
  • Annakili - 4 students
  • Kaathalikkum aasai - Chellame
  • ABCD maranthu pochu - Manmadhan (shhhh)

and many more....

Favorite Singer(s)

  • Suresh Peters
  • Udit Narayanan
  • Yugendran
  • Ranjith
  • Chitra
  • Sujatha
  • Srileka Parasathy (?)

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Indru mudivathu, naalai thuvangaththaaney...

Got this from my balcony... Tried as much as I could to avoid the buildings, but it was not happening of course...


I didnt get tagged... But I still wanna do this.


Total Number of Books I Own :

  • Close to 50... Most of them are my school text books =P. I didnt have the heart to sell them back... besides they buy back at yucky price, even the brand new ones!!!

Last Book I Bought :

  • Sparrow - Mary D. Russell
  • Deception point & Digital Fortress - Dan Brown

Last Book I Read :

  • Funny boy - Shyam Selvadurai

Five Books That Mean a Lot to Me :

  • Tuesdays with Morrie - Mitch Albom
  • Five people you meet in heaven - Mitch Albom
  • Angels & Demons - Dan Brown
  • Cinnamon Gardens - Shyam Selvadurai
  • Archie comics (lol)

Monday, June 13, 2005

Next move...


Well... That was a waste of a good day.

I think I should go back to Beaverton... I'm not getting along too well over here.

I'm not handling the transition well...

I wanted to put a picture or something, but I realized I really dont have anything to put up.... I did take sunset pics from the balcony but blah... Tis no biggie.

I did watch "Ullam Ketkume".. Good movie. I enjoyed it... Laila did a great job... And I couldnt stop drooling at Shyam. I didnt like how Aarya looked in this movie... Asin had too much make up on. Pooja was too quite in her character.

I guess thats all I want to say... Tata

Sunday, June 12, 2005


I have a job interview tomorrow @ 2pm. For the position of "residential advisor" at Tongue point, Job Corps. The job description:

Responsible for providing proper guidance to students to ensure positive group living relations and to assist them in accomplishing their goals. Monitor dorms, conduct room checks, ensure safety and direct dorm activities, process appropriate paperwork, perform computer data entry and other duties as assigned.

Sounds fun doesnt it...

I really dont want the job now... Cuz its from 11pm to 9am... and I'm afraid the people over there are going to squash me like a bug. Plus my friend's wedding is coming up August 20th, and I have to be away for atleast 4 days... and those 4 days are the days that I have to work... My shift is kinda weird... BLahhhh... I dunno if I can take days off. I"m worried.

On the other hand, if I do get this job... It would look good in my application for MSW.

This sounds like something I want to do... I mean I want to guide people and blah blah blah... HOwever, I cant seem to look at nice picture of it, cuz I'm too darn freaked out about the interview. I'm worried about my clothing, how to do my hair... I dont want to come off as a slob, or a slut... I need a nice balance. I'm worried about how I'm going to answer questions... My slangs... My sentence formation, since my English has gone to hell and is paying the price.

The guy said "Panel" .... that threw me off... I'm like "PANEL?????" What is this gonna be like American Idol or something.... That is just so flipping scarey!!!!

Blah.... *sobs*

I better hit the hay. I got lotta shit to do.

Lord save me.

Lost Identity

Now that I graduated and out of Uni... I feel extremely lost. I already started feeling like this couple of weeks ago... I kept thinking of canceling my commencement and staying back couple more years and do a double degree... Too bad I thought of it a tad too late.

I am going to go for my Masters in about an year...

But anyways... Meh... I'm having a hard time accepting that I'm out of school... I mean... This is no summer vacation... this is feels like a permanent summer vacation... except its not a vacation at all...

Ahhhh... my feelings are not coming out right.

I remember complaining that I spent all those years trying to graduate from high school and when I finally did, I get stuck into college/uni. I didnt like going to college though... It was quite boring and the classes were limited and not very challenging... I didnt bother doing well in my classes... After my "screw up" stage was over, I started seriously worrying about my studies... I finally figured out what I wanted to do... And I worked towards it... I transfered to PSU... I've had the best 2 years of my life there... I wish I was in PSU longer... I like the atmosphere, its very relaxed... and we are such a liberal university, its nuts =).

Awww... I miss it.

Blah, I'm going back whether or not I get into Masters of Social Work program.

The first day itself that I came back home... I was barking here and there... mom was like... "veetukku vantha udanai kirukku pidichittu unakku...". I was like.. YEAH. She was like.. "GO BACKK" ... haha.

It was really sad to see my bro go today. Usually I go with him... not today... Merino has to stay back. =(. He's been my lil guardian for two years... He always yelling at me when I screw up, going "havent I taught you anything"... lol. Atleast he can breathe better... I mean he doesnt have to worry about me roaming around Portland and wondering my whereabouts.


I shall brood over my lost identity some more, off screen.


Saturday, June 11th, 2005, I, M.I.C graduated from Portland State University.

Man, I was such a nuthead. I was so nervous and stressed out that I was barking at everyone. There was a huge parade... the "Rose festival" parade in Portland... I was afraid that I'll get stuck in traffic so we were going to leave early...

We got there about half an hour or so early... Eventually my bro shooed me off to where I'm supposed to go... Sadly, I trudged towards the Exhibit hall all by my lonesome. My friend wasnt graduating with me since she has few more terms to go, and the people I knew werent going to walk for the graduation... I was dreading. I've been dreading this since I went to bro's graduation 2003.

So eventually find where the Sociology Majors were supposed to be... I also got my picture taken... A few of us stood around... Then I saw my Capstone partner... talked to her for a few minutes... She belongs to the Social Sci major, so she had to go to her spot... After a while, I saw a familiar face... someone I had "Sociology of aging" with... We decided we'll stick together since none of our friends were there... After a while, all that standing around, two other girls started talking to us, and it became a group of four.

Waiting was a pain in the butt... We were to head into the Rose Quarter coliseum around 2.30ish, and the P.A system stunk... While it was going off, everyone was just blabbering away...

A couple of Sociology professors came and hung out with us, and they were representing us. There was this other professor that I never had a class with... He was walking around telling us if we have funny names, to write it out so it would be read right... We all shrugged and said we dont need to do that... He looks to me, walks over and goes... "no funny name huh?", and he looks at my reader card, "lemme see that...", and goes... "AHHH thats too easy!", and gave it back to me... LOL.

Then he walks by again after a while and tells me not to make any trouble jokingly, so I give him an innocent look... From then on whenever he passed me he gave me the... "I'm watching you" look... I asked my classmate why he's picking on me?

After about standing around for like 1 1/2 hour... we headed into the coliseum... I got the look from the professor, I gave him a stupid grin... Walking in there was so scary. I felt so small... Everyone looked like ants... The setting was scary... The audience (family/friends) were all seated around like they were watching basketball... Heck, thats where Portland Trailblazers play basketball! And we were in the spot wehre there would be a game normally... I didnt bother looking for my family, I mean it felt like there were millions of people.

So for about 2 hours we had to listen to people making speeches... and the next hour is when everyone get their degree blah blah and greeted blah blah... As it got closer and closer for our row to get up and go... I was freaking out... My classmate would watch me everytime she pointed out how many rows were left cuz I was like "OH MY GAWD!!!!!! OH MY GAWD!!!!!!". Finally our row gets up walking down the isle... seemed long and draggy... I didnt want to get there... My heart was pounding in my ears, and yet I couldnt hear it or feel it cuz of the noise of cheering clapping... I was the next one... and I was so nervous... I had to hand over this one lady's reader card for her cuz she was goin on the disability ramp, so I waited till she went, while that I looked up ahead and saw the Dean of College of Liberal Arts & Sciences... He was also my "Soc of aging" professor. He saw me and smiled broadly. Everything felt calm right then and there... I handed over my reader card, went up there... shook his hand... he is like "come here you", gave a kiss on my cheek and hugged me. That was that.. I came down the ramp, Social Psych professor greeted me and then the professor who's been teasing all afternoon, also shook my hand and said... "Inspite of everything, You did great". Then I went and found my seat... By the time, the whole thing was over... Cuz the sociology people were the last group to go... Bahahahaha...

I was glad it was over with. It didnt seem all that bad... After it was over, I roamed around to find my family and I did.

Bro was like, "mom's heartbeat elevated".. I was like "WHY?". He goes... "Cuz the old guy kissed you". I told them he was the Dean,and that he was also my professor. I've talked about him a zillion times before to them... They were like "Oh... you mean the professor who invited the whole class to his apartment and a small party and everything?". YES thats him. He's so awesome. MOm said that he only gave me a kiss... Me think she was blind. But anyways... I kept nagging my bro about PSU's motto.. "let knowledge serve the city"... and how PSU taught me to help others... Bro was like.. "I didnt learn that..."... he's a selfish lil person. But I love him anyways.

Thennnn... we headed home.

This year had the highest graduation rate it seems... over 4000 students. A lil over 2000 were present in the ceremony, while the others decided not to walk the graduation. Thats still a lotta people...

So... 2 hours driving to Portland... Plus 2 hours waiting... Plus 3 hours ceremony... Plus 2 hours driving back to Astoria, really tired everyone out . When we got home it was 8pm. I was awake for about an hour or so, and then I was out like a light. I'm still recuping...

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Day lilies

Engey sellum intha paathai #3

Saturday, June 11, 2005


Trying out what Kaleidoscope suggested...


My friend and I had the joy of experiencing Japanese Garden life... It was BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Anyways, I put up pictures... there's like 14 from the Japanese Garden... and a few of other stuff... But they are pushed into the archives... so be sure to check the whole thing =)

Now I must go sleep... Or I'll sleep through my graduation. Although I dont think that's a bad thing, but my family will kick my ass...