Thursday, July 27, 2006

Camp 18 Resturant

Somewhere last weekend I went to that resturant with my sister's family... That place is quite nice!

I just loved all the wood carvings... and the building itself is beautiful and I liked the atmosphere inside.. Great food too! By the time the food came I was too hungry that I forgot to take a picture of what I pigged out on...

Entrance Sign...

Ahhhh Bigfoot!!

Jojo & the Lumberjack =P

The yard had old equipments and what not they used by lumberjacks with logging... it was pretty cool!


The door to the resturant ahd neat carvings on it...

The door handles were axes!!!

Didn't take pics of the insides much except for the stuffed cougar and the deer antler chandalier...

I'd definitely go there again... Food was great, and everyone who worked there were very friendly too!

Red Red Red

Mom's red flowers... These are strange flowers... The dumb thing hangs down like that, kinda awkward.. A few pics I took while holding it right side up and even then it looked quite strange... I've seen these flowers all over in big big patches.. so pretty! We got orange ones budding too... :)

Orange & Yellow flower...

I yoinked (with permission) this flower when mom and I went to visit a family friend last night... It's really pretty, orange and yellow..!! Imagine that =P

A small teracotta plant pot holder of some sort was sitting on the kitchen window sill with water in it so I stuck the flower in there and decided to take a pic... I like the backlit effect, this one is going in my maturing portfolio :P

I got bored and stuck it on the maple tree =P

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Just look...

Spinning childhood




Friday, July 21, 2006

We went to the zoo zoo...

I absolutely forgot to put up the pictures I took @ the zoo.. This time I concentrated more on birds =P

And.. a few butterflies..

I do have a few pics of other animals... will be up later...

Floating flower...

Once in a while I'll be bored off my mind and fiddling with things and take pictures... This is what came of my boredom... This is my least favorite of creative boredom... I suppose it will grow on me. The flower is star of confederate jasmine... the leaf is a nastratium leaf, love how it behaves like a lotus leaf... I put a whole bunch of jasmines into a large wine glass and the leaf and took a buncha pics.. I applied a soft acrylic filter on it to make it look smooth not like anyone cares =P

Snap snap on the way...

Took Maya for a walk and grabbed my camera along because I've been eyeing some flowers that this guy has in front his house... Anyways... Maya decided to be a poopiehead so I had to hold her in one hand and take pictures with the other... These are just Echinesias, dunno why, I think they are so pretty :).

Saturday, July 15, 2006

And then there was...

Last but not least...

Mr. Tijo. He was laying awkwardly on the floor, so the focus fell on his nose instead of his eyes.. grr. This was his victory photo after he smacked the puppy. Maya was being a major butt to Tijo... I say she had it coming! Do you think she learned her lesson? Heck nooo!!!

Mr. Dragon

Snapped this @ the little pond/park area at my old apartment in Beaverton... The background seemed a little too harsh so I used photoshop elements and applied the colorful center effect.. It leaves the center of the photograph in colors while the rest lose their color.


Just piddling around the yard..

Chocolate covered sunflower seeds

Made in Oregon!

I got these from Made in Oregon store @ Lloyd Center...

Darn good stuff!

I just couldn't resist... =P

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Tea time

Mom had gotten some red and black currents earlier... They tasted nasty but they were fun to use for photography. I had a tiny teapot and cup and saucer and had some coffee in it instead hehehehe... Still life is fun.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Some random pictures

Newport bridge

Water lily at the aquarium

Puffin at the aquarium

Newport area

Locals of Astoria

I just couldn't resist... the colors were hypnotizing.

This was at the place we ate...

Ok I'm tired... be back tomorrow with photos from the trip to the zoo.

Undersea gardens... creepy!!!

This was our last stop in Newport

It was a big ferry type of ship with top level being a gift shop and the bottom level 10 ft down into the sea with fishes swimming around... Every hour or so a diver puts on a show, with eels and anemones and what not!

Not much to this place...

Ripley's whether you believe it or not, we did go there

Our next stop and just a few feet from wax museum...

That was a fun place... Won't post all the pics cuz I'm just too lazy.. but will highlight a few that captured my fancy;

The harp with no string... its all lazer sensor :P, it showed in another picture I took of it..

Curse of the mummy

Indian torture.

Anyways... we were scooting along, we didn't have Jordan this time cuz he refused to budge beyond the first exhibit so his dad kept him outside...

I was taking a picture of an exhibit called "Corpses playing cards" and there was a dude across from it with camera in his hands... My aunt and my sis were standing next to me and my sis passes by just then a camera flash goes off... I told sis that she just stepped in front of his shot and I told him sorry. My sis started cracking up and she goes.. IT'S FAKE MERINO!!!!

Ughhh.. she didn't let me forget the incident.. she kept laughing every 5 minutes and kept adding more stuff to her version of what happend... oy vey!

So anyways...wanna see the fake dude I apologized to?

Here! =P