Thursday, August 25, 2005


Watching over you..

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


I was at the daycare today and one of my usual kiddo was a good sport about getting her picture taken... She has such beautiful eyes... Dont worry, I wasnt too close to blind her.

I took several pics and did cropping, I'm not sure which one I like best... anyone out there wanna tell me which one looks good?

Monday, August 22, 2005


Yup... I did manage to click a few of him =P... I also got a pic of grasshopper, but the pic aint that great.

Gentle creatures...


Rosaapoo chinna rosaapooo... eewww hate that song

How to name it....

<--- That's the church my friend had her wedding at... It's really tiny and really cute! It's pioneer church it seems... If only I could pick it up, I'd bring it home.. lol

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Tender moments

*The bigger girl is my friend's daughter, and the lil one is my friend's friend's daughter =P. I guess now she's my friend too... Arent they sweet looking?

Wedding Pics

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Gumbal-le Govinda...!

So, technically I've been up for 24 hours... I uhh... Yeah anyways, here are some pictures I took... The ones with jasmines didnt turn out the way I thought it would... I'll try it again when I got more jasmines available. =P

You know the streak thats coming off of the flame, at first I thought I'll clone it out, but then I didnt want to do that, it looks nice and gives character to the pic... *shrug*. Besides its better than the darned halos I kept getting initially.

Hanging out...

I took this several weeks ago, totally forgot I had it. Anyways, I stuck one of my monkeys in my mom's closet... I didnt notice her closet wall paper till now... it looks cool =P.. teehee

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Flavor of Astoria, Oregon

The Astoria Megler Bridge. The longest bridge in Oregon.


Astoria Column:


I know its extremely colorful, I like it... and Anu likes it =P, I guess thats all that matters lol :).



I'm pretty spunky for someone with just 4 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Oviyam ondru varainthen... (not really)

Ellam oru photoshop tirix =P

Thursday, August 11, 2005


Took one, and showed it to few people told me it could try it with a diff background, and I did... and this is what the end result was...




Here's a crappy copy of my childhood. =). I'm on the left, and thats my friend Roja on the right. Whoever took this photo had great timing and good eye. I absolutely love this picture... Everything is captured well... I bet my uncle took this picture, he always takes great pics in my opinion.

Anyways... I totally miss my childhood, and miss Maldives... Those were the grand old days... I just wish my kids would have similar experience... I want to replicate this picture someday. *sigh*


And this of course... =P. Thats my sis, me in the middle and my bro =)

Other side..

Already put this picture up before, but me did a bit of PS work and tried to straighten it out cuz it was a tad crooked.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

perfectly imperfect 2...

Good gawd, I dont know how many picturs I took. I started out all experimenty as usual... I'll put up the different phases in my thinking after I go sleep... I havent gone to sleep after I got back from work... Anyways... I'm a tad peeved with this picture; 1. The focus fell on the pearls and not the flower. 2. Hate the damn glares. 3. The horizon is crooked, actually I know why, cuz the camera is crooked on the tripod, not my fault, its the stupid lil knobby thingie in the way. 4. Too many pictures to sort through, they all look the same with subtle variation that its driving me nuts.

So.. yeah. BLah, I'm gonna go sleep.


Here are my other trials...

And of course, had to mess with the PS:

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Thank you...

During the breaktime on one of my training days, I was just sitting there tryna figure out where I've seen some of these people.

I was turning each page of my mind, one by one, and in turn ended up remembering alot more people who have made some kind of difference in my life. I dont think they realized what they contributed in my life, and I didnt realize that I'd be sitting there during my break remembering all these people.

I remembered those people from my community college classes. At first when I ventured into the classes, I'd think, "ah.. I'll be out of here very soon, I wont have time to get to know these people, and we wont matter to eachother". The samething happened when I transferred to PSU, and was there for 2 years. At the end I was too sad to leave PSU. I miss it terribly.

It didnt matter if I was close to the people I interacted on a daily basis, what mattered is that somehow, they made a little imprint in me. Just imagine, if you could zoom back to that person after so many years, they must have meant something right?.

There is no way I could find all those people and thank them, so here I'm going to just do it here. For all those I know and dont know;

Thank you:

* The girl in "soc of religion", who sat in front of me, for answering some of my questions and basically just talking even though we didnt know eachother at all.
* For the professor who kept teasing me, trying to chase away my nerves before heading to the auditorium for our graduation.
* For the teachers from my high school, for making me comfortable when I was brand new to the area and people.
* My "soc of aging" professor, who's also the Dean, for making our class the best class ever. Providing us with food and drink in class and making us feel special.
* My project partner for soc of aging, for putting up with me.
* My project partner for senior capstone. For all our compromises with time.
*My project partners for research project, for being patient with everyone and doing what was required of us.
* For all the coworkers I've worked with.
* My boss at the daycare for listening, caring and being a friend.
* My friend Deb for just being herself. I still use some of her little advises. Though she prolly has no clue she told me this.. but one of the things I still use from her is her line, "go with the flow". Initially she was talking about my driving, but I use it for every other aspects in life as well.
* My friend Liza. My very first buddy from PSU. We took the same train, and took the same classes and lived in the same area for 2 years.
* My friend Thacha, my long time online buddy =). Although we havent met in person, she means a lot to me and helped me alot in my hard times.
* All my other friends, even though I'm not naming you and giving you a special spotlight, this is to show you that you mean alot to me and made a difference in my life (yes its positive).
* My friend Tharshini, she was the first person who befriended me when I went to Sri Lanka 2 years (back in 1987)... And that she still thinks of me as a friend and remembers me after all these years is very special.
* To all the boys (hahaha.. I'm not going there)
* To JJ & Nive, my childhood friends, and still good friends to this day. We share alot of childhood memories together, and its really precious and belongs only to us.
* All the kids at the daycare, little darlings. All those hugs they gave me awww... And calling me "mommy", made me feel like I meant something to them.
* Blog readers and diary readers, you know you are special =P
* And everyone else who are still hidden in my mind, and those who I dont know the name or cant remember the faces, but still appreciate for you being in my life for even a few second.

THANK YOU~!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh manamey...

I feel like I've lost something but cant seem to figure what it is... Probably my sanity... hehe.

Anyways... The song "oh manamey" from Ullam Ketkume, always makes me want to rub my eyes and start crying... That'd be a good song to play out loud and you have a sobfest in the closet sitting inside your laundry hamper.

Hmmm... Yup.

Ok, this entry is going nowhere...

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Waiting for love...

I like the first two.. I wish the last one wasnt too centered.. hmmm

Wednesday, August 03, 2005