Monday, May 30, 2005

Whaaaa....?! It cant be!

It's almost 4am... well there's about 3 minutes left... I just heard a bird chirp.
That's NUTS. What kinda dinghie wakes up at this hour??? That's NUTS even for a bird.

On that note. I'm finally off to bed.


Remainder: "kaathal valarthaaen"

Bubble Invasion

I'm enjoying the long weekend and the bubble invasion. Tryna get pictures of these dinghies is NO JOKE. The giant one is blurry... And the other one isnt really my idea of crispy looking, eh... I'll try again tomorrow.

Bro in law and I've been playing with the bubbles alot more than the kids have... We even had a water gun fight yesterday, and I was running around screaming... Yes, we are nuts. Today he was tryna show something to Tiny, in turn he squirted me right in the eye with the watergun, I was like grrrrrrrr. It's a water gun/bubble blower... Anyways.. wow these guys had such beautiful colors on them.

Hmmmm... I should hit the hay. It's dad's birthday :)... We have a lil party for him.


Sunday, May 29, 2005

Ahhh... get it offfffffff!!!! get it offfffffffffffffffff!!!!!

I had a strange dream... as usual.

First half of it was just me driving around aimlessly... Seems like I was going through the same roads, over and over and over... it was like I was stuck in a roundabout and couldnt get out... It invoked alot of anxiety...

Then the second part was... I was going to a professor's house for a dinner party... The house looked like the ones in Maldives, and there was this giant trelis with bouganvillea flowers... I sat around for a bit and wanted to take pictures... (shhh). After eating I walked into the next room... The floor wasnt carpetted, it wasnt hardwood floor either... It was filled with sand. In real life, I love to roam around barefoot and I do so whenever I get a chance... I did the samething in the dream... Soon as my feet touched the sand... I started feeling this crazy feeling inside the foot... I lift up my foot to see several tiny leech type things under the skin... DAYAM!!!! It was like one of those sci-fi movies. The lil flashback or the story for the whole deal is that... There's this guy, he's a bit kookoo... He ended up killing his family/friends, and their blood splattered in the sand and got mixed up... And their blood contains these crazy skin burrowing leeches. So back to my and my foot. I started panicking, and I tried to stop the leeches from burrowing further, so I got a little knife and started cutting an opening where the lil bulges are and kept getting them out, and seems like everytime I cut and pulled the things out there seems to be more and more and more and more burrowing around under my skin. BLood EVERYWHERE. Spilling... dark. red. blood. EVERYWHERE.

I'm glad it was just a stupid dream *shiver*.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

Mr. Ladybug's trip

I found this dude in the garden... So I decided to use him as a model for my photographic venture. Mr. Ladybug was "escorted" by yours truly around the "Garden bug's disneyland"

Here are some of his adventurous clips.

Ready for showdown.

Trekking though the woods.

Mountain climbing...

Virtual Sun exhibit...

Fighting the tentacles... (The new MIB attraction)

One of the many ferris wheel rides...

Surveying the ancient but beautiful walls of the Tiger lily tribe...

Posing for a picture...

Relaxing in Jasmine forest and taking in the scent...

Trying to hold onto the slippery vines (not really...)

Ahhh... At the top, taking in the view...

Eeek... Learning the art of balancing...

The field of gold...

This resturant did not serve non veg...

Whirly go pukey ferris wheel...

Lovers ferris wheel... too bad he went alone.

CapitalOne Gold Card holder special ferris wheel... (Yes... I'm crazy)

Mr. LadyBug was quite a lot to handle, was very fidgety but came through for many of the shots. Actually, if you ask him... He would say that I was such a prick. Hey, I was as nice as possible. I had to do whatever it takes to make him a star.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Stolen Questionnaire






Icekutti, Sukkarotti, CurryLeaf


Toes, Hair... and my ears =P


What's there not to like? I'm perfect =), just kidding


umm.. sri lankan tamil? and I know there's a bit of portuguese in me


1. looking into the deep deep sea and seeing the creatures swimming around.. makes me sick

2. the men a the max station... they try to talk to you and ask you out... they could be your father or uncle age-wise *shiver*

3. being left alone with my niece and nephew... oh gawd what a nightmare


1. FOOD!




pjs... 2 piece, the top and the pants... and a blanket. I'm still in bed...


Common interests

Sense of humor


TWO TRUTHS AND A LIE (in no particular order):

Jojo is actually my son

I love to dance

A camera addict




Nice healthy tan


Eat some Paal appam

Papers to be magically written

Blow bubbles!


Social Worker












1. Visit Maldives one last time =(

2. Meet all my childhood buddies

3. Buy everything orange in color =P

*last thing deleted*

Monday, May 23, 2005

Tick tock tick tock

Counting down to the weekend. I want tomorrow to be FRIDAY. I want all the other days inbetween skipped. I want my paper to be magically typed up. I want our presentation to be magically presented.


My weekend was uhhh... Nutty =P. Bro in law was remodeling their bathroom, so the kiddos were upstairs with us for the whole Saturday. Jordan wanted to go outside, and was being a lil nuthead... Then he napped for like 3 hours... Tiny and I were bored to death and we were watching him sleep and were like "wake up wake up wake up wake up". He'd wake up and all but will go back to sleep immediately... The third or 4th time he did, he started picking his nose... Ha ha ha... He was asleep, but he was picking it left and right, alternating his hand too... Teeheeheee... We thought it was the funniest thing in the world. Then of course, later on he woke up and we were like... blahhhh go back to sleep!!!

That boy has a mouth on him... Its quite sad that he started to speak =P. He didnt speak quick enough like some other kids do... and we were like, aww wish he could talk... BIG MISTAKE!!! I wish he was itty bitty still... I miss holding him like a little helpless kitty.. awwwwwwwwwww.

Get this... He called his sister, "kookoo head". HA HA HA HA. He also calls her "Crazy head"... I dont think he gets it from his sister, she says "nuthead" but not the other ones... What a lil dinghie.

He's so demanding too... Oh man, he was after my camera!!! He called it "Camama"... "chitthi's camama". He wanted it and he wouldnt stop. I was like.. OHhhh thats it, I'm never taking pictures of you until you graduate from high school. Three years old and he wants to play with a digital camera? What is the world coming to seriously? His mom gave him an old camera they had... He wouldnt take the other camera I gave him cuz he didnt have a flash.. it was one of thsoe ones where you use it during daylight... Not the disposable kind... Just cuz it didnt flash, he thought it was fake... My niece thought the samething too and she didnt want to touch it... I was like, oh you suck. I've taken good pictures with that. Pfff... Kids. what do they know? Then when Jordan got bored with the old camera, Tiny picked it up and kept taking pictures of just about anything... Point and shoot, and was hanging it over her shoulder with the strap, and was saying she was a photographer... Lil copycat. I find it really annoying when she copies me... My mom and her mom make fun of me when she does that... And I'm always wonder, gawd, dont you have a better person to look up to???? Saturday I was too lazy to change out of my Jammies, I was roaming around with it... Then comes Sunday, and the dinghie comes upstairs, and its almost noon adn she's still in her jammies... Hey... Dont look at me, I didnt tell her to do anything! By Sunday, I had enough of the kids, I was like ahhhh everybody just leave me alone! She's so clingy at times that I feel suffocated... Like I was eating and she comes and sits next to me and leans on me... She always botheres me when I'm eating... Ughhhhh... Ok I'll stop complaining. I feel bad for the kid, but man...

Anyways... This week is gnna be crazy, but I'll be so happy once its over... Then 3 day weekend!! WOOHOO. Well, 4 day for me, cuz I dont have classes on Tuesdays... DOUBLE WoohooO!!!


My friend and I werent feeling like doing school work, and we decided to slack off.. she came over and then we went to find the mall near my place.. about 7 minutes from mine... We were like, we'll find our way around if we get lost blah blah blah... We eventually found it, but thats not the mall she was talking about... It was kinda new so there were like barely 10 stores... Thats where I got the earrings... Then we went to an Italian resturant and had Thai Pizza... We were waiting for the food to arrive... so We drank water... Too much water, and ate all the breadsticks and then we had an order of onion rings, so we ate that.. and by the time pizza came we were stuffed... we had 2 slices each and was like mehhh no more... so brought the rest home. On the way back we went the wrong way... hehehehe.. we kept driving and driving... and I was like "i dont remember that bridge... where the hell did that come from?"... We kept driving till there was a sign that said "road closed" lol... Then we turned back around... and she started following another person who looked lost... but they sped off too quickly... so we came back towards the mall and then went the right way... haha. It was too funny.

Anyways... man I'm stuffed... I dont think its digesting at all.. I feel icky. Bro ate the ones I brought home. He said it was good... and that he ate only 1 slice... Lil stinky. I brought back half of the pizza... He ate everything but one slice =P. When I pointed it out, he said my friend ate it. HA!

Oh yeah.. I went and got a big bottle of Miracle bubbles.... I was blowing bubbles for a bit... The bottle is orange by the way =P. That's my entertainment for the weekend.

I also bought a birthday card for my friend in Sri Lanka. I didnt reply to her last letter just so I can send it with her birthday and add some pictures, since she wanted some pictures of me.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. My back is killing me. I'm getting old.. *ouch*

Ah I have shitload of things to do tomorrow... pshhhhh.

Oh man, its 11pm already??? sheesh...

Ok, I'll stop rambling. AdioooooooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooosss

P.S - My camera was protected and well hidden while Jordan was around... But later on I wanted to take pictures so I grabbed the camera and it fell outta the case and on the floor... OOOOOOPS!! I was like OH SHIIIIIT!!! Nothing happened, Its alive and well. I shook to make sure thre was no strange noise,and took more pictures to make sure its still functioning. I told mom that my camera has "kannooru". It needs thrishti suththupoattufying... =P

Latest purchase

Check out my new earrings eh?

Well the monkey and the frog ones are mine. I got the other one with the turtle, snail and birdie for my niece... She tends to lose the earrings... I know she's gonna lose these but we'll see.. If she can hold onto these, then I'll get her more. Claire's got such adorable little collection of earrings.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Driveby photos

Check out the field... Its some kinda flower... A huge area covered with red... It was so beautiful... The picture doesnt do justice to it. Like the title says... This was a driveby photo... Going 65-70 MPH and trying to take pics doesnt really turn out that well =P

Approaching Astoria... =), my hometown. I have a better picture somewhere, cant find it. Oh well =P.

For fun...

Friday, May 20, 2005

random ramble

I'm playing pool on yahoo... Its so addictive! I got my buddy hooked on it... And seems like she's getting her other buddies to play as well... ha ha ha... and here I thought I was bad.

I'm so glad its Friday... Although I do have a shitload of things to do. Bleh.

I dont even want to think about going to school in the morning... *shiver*. I'm to the point where, anything and everything someone says is like a prompt for me to choke them.

I'm becoming really hostile and antisocial.

I watched Kanaa Kandaen today... It was alright. Not my kinda movie I suppose. Prithviraj was such an jackhole... He did a good job earning my hatred... but he's kinda good looking. I dont want to say anything more on the movie... =P. I got the "chinna chinna sigarangal" song stuck in my head now... Ugh.. get it out! get it out!

Oh yeah... In the movie, Vivek's first entry joke... he has someone dig a deep hole into the earth to see if they can find any water... and he has contact with them through cellphone... Anyways... they get the signal... which means someone found water.. so they pull it up... and this white dude with a cowboy hat and cigar comes up... looks around, and Vivek is like... "who are you?", and he guy goes "I'm a whiteman from mexico", and he asks "what is this place"... so Vivek says , "Singara chennai", and he's like "what is that...?", and Vivek goes... "Tsunami vanthu michama irukkura chennai"... and the guy runs off screaming. Ithu ellam oru joke-a? Cheh cheh cheh!

I dont want to write anymore. For now anyways.


Monday, May 16, 2005


*ing: Ramesh, Pooja, Sarath Kumar, Kalabavan Mani, S.V. Sekar, Nalini, Livingston and many more...

Direction: Vincent Selva

Music: Srikanth Deva

I just finished watching this movie... So what did I think of it? Ohh... I'll tell you.

The movie is on the move soon as it gets started, which was a good thing, it kept me glued to the screen. Usually, I pause every few minutes to do other things, this time, I didnt... My laziness could also be another reason for this. But... lets get back to the movie.

Ramesh... Supposedly Jeeva's (RAM fame) big brother... YOu know, he looks nothing like Jeeva by the way. Anyways, he has acted with ease. Doesnt seem like his first movie at all. The scenes where he causes a mishap, and watches the rest of the people around him go nuts, he would stand by them quietly and laugh... It made me laugh along with him. I felt so sorry for him when everyon else kept taunting him, poor thing. Nalini as his horrible mommy was truly horrible. I dont know whether to say she overacted or not, but she did make me hate her.

Pooja was okay. Her lips bother me... is it me or is her upper lip sorta messed up and crooked? Ok, fine, she looks good throughout the movie. The dude who came as her boyfriend was really boring... What was the whole crap about going to U.S.A? He calls it a "CITY", ennada ithu...

Sarath Kumar comes as a... Oh crap, I wasnt paying attention. I'm guessing he's sorta like an FBI. He was quite tame in his role... When he first showed up on screen, I was like "Ohhh... great", then later on, I was like hmmm... "A calm man, how sexy". *gag myself with a spoon for saying that*

Kalabavan Mani was annoying. He was overdoing his role, I just wanted to slap him... And we get the honor of seeing him his jatti. Enna karmam da! I dont wanna see him in his undies... sheesh, thats comedy with a bad bad bad taste.

The songs were picturized well I thought... Some of 'em anyways... My fave is the "Coimbatore Coimbatore ponnu", the dance for the "kunguma poove" part is really cute.

There was one other song... "Ahh muthal akku"... Happens to be the fave of my brother.. Featuring another "Ragasiya wannabe". This one is quite skinny... And frankly, when she does the dapanguthu steps, she comes off vulgar and strange looking... I mean... It looked like a skeleton was dancing.. and there's nothing sexy about that...! Ragisya has something extra, this wannabe, is a waste. Others might sing a different tune, but this is how I felt.

The ending had me chilled... I so wished it was not how it should be... But then again I cant think of a better way of the movie ending... All we should do is kick Kalabavan Mani in the groin and everything will be fine.

Anyways... Overall, the movie was entertaining. I'll definitely watch it again.

Now I'm gonna go and be sad about the ending.


Sunday, May 15, 2005

Some old pics

Drops waiting to slide...

Image hosted by

Another angle...

Image hosted by

Giant Clementis

Image hosted by


Image hosted by

A bunch...

Image hosted by

Holding Jasmine...

Image hosted by

Is this a clover?

Image hosted by

Blue Iris...

Image hosted by

Purple flower....

Image hosted by

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Picture posting problem....

Ok... Question for the blogger experts... How do I link a picture in here and show it up small in size, and when you click on it, it shows the original size??? Please help!

Until I figure it out... Here some really itty bitty bad quality pictures:

Suicidal bug...

Orange Ladybug!!!!

Making loooooooove... Check out the heart shape.

This one was quite jealous of the ones making love... It kept bothering them, and landed on the gravel. I almost stepped on one just like that at the grocery store parking. Hmm... They all come in same colors... well the males are one color, and females are one color.. I remember in SL we had so many different colors...

Here's this one hiding from me...! It saw me and flew for cover.

I'm thinking this one is a male... Then again... the blue one might be a male... Ah... I'm confused