Monday, October 29, 2007

Get lost and scream

I had the pleasure of going to Sauvie Island with Mara & her daughter Morgyn to check out the Corn maize. We set out after 4:00pm. By the time we got there it was 6:15ish and Mara and Morgyn wanted to go into the regular corn maze where you can get lost. I was leaning more towards going into the haunted corn maze, but that thing wasn't gonna start till 7pm. So we decided we'll get lost in the regular corn maze.

How was it? Interesting... It was extremely muddy and slippery. We kept getting stuck so much. Several times one of my shoe got pulled off... slipped alot but didn't fall, phew! Poor Morgyn though... at one point her shoes got stuck and she walked right out of it and kept on walkign without realizing.. LOL. Samething with her socks. She was the only one who fell several times. Mara enjoyed the whole thing quiet a bit. She did the navigation and trying to get us out properly. We kept ending up in this big circle lot over and over.. atleast 7 or 8 times and getting really frustrated. It was funny too because many of the other people kept getting back to the circle too. The whole ordeal was 3/4 to 1 hr.. but we took 1 1/2 hr. Morgyn had mud inside and outside her shoes.. and all over because she fell. Mara and I had mud on our pant legs.. I had mud splatters all over my butt as one of the shoe sole was flapping and sent mud straight towards my bum.

After a very short break, we were ready to check out the haunted corn maze. That's the part we suffered alot in... There was a group of 8 lordknowswhatagetheywereidiots standing behind us and they were SO OBNOXIOUS and loud and just plain stupid behaving. Many times I wanted to turn around and kick the annoying guy in the nuts. The girls were just as bad or even worse. We had to just suck it up for a good 50 minutes before we got into the haunted corn maze. Some of the "Ghouls" working there were walking by... one of them, the headless horseman with the pumpkin for head stood by Morgyn and kept starring at her... She came over to my side to avoid him and he followed her whistling. She was using me to hide from it... and kept going in circles around me and the headless dude following her in circles... it was just too funny! Finally we got closer to the entrance and we were so relieved when that group was held back till the front group went through... woohooo!!!!!

Then the fun started... I grabbed onto Mara's arm and and went into the fog filled corn field. It was quite trippy. You can see figures standing around and I knew they gonna scare us. Morgyn kept switching sides and pushing me away. The fact that Morgyn and I were on eachside of Mara and that we were right next to the rows of corn and thats where the scarey people were waiting to freak us out ... really freaked us out.

At one point there was this Tiki looking thing... quite big and it just stood still and I was like.. oh man he's gonna do something.. but he scared the people who were way in the back... There was one monster dude who had a pig/boar head.. He scared us... I looked at him and go "Hey.. he's a pig", and Morgyn goes, "No, he's a dog", and I go " no he's a pig"... he turned right back and charged towards me. I of course ran off like a girl. We passed alien spacecraft landing.. and there was an alien sitting and not doing anything, prolly got the people in the back again.. Somehow this time we ended up in the front as the others told us to lead the way... Oh dear! We came into this boxed in area... with paintings of glow in the dark corns.. and there were couple of black figures blending in but would run around and make hissing noises which made me wig out. There was another monster that made the grudge chick's throat noise that came too close to me. We went over a bridge thingie, one side being swamp... I looked around tryna see if there's someting and this troll thing jumped up and scared the bejesus outta me.

There was a werewolf type thing... then we came towards this clearing area.. and I swear I heard a gunshot and 2 monsters came charging. One of them being the insulted pig, taking revenge, scared me to bits! Then we went through a canopy of spiderwebs and fake spiders dangling, which of course kept brushing on my head making me feel icky.. and there was this ghosty chick, who started SCREAMING her head off as we got right next to her! While trying to regain our hearing, I told her that was really good!

Many instance Morgyn and I literally dragged Mara around. The haunted maze is estimated a 30 minute tour, but I think we got done in 15 minutes. I was screaming and laughing, screaming and laughing, it was lotta fun. When we got out we were still laughing. Mara said at one point, her feet were somewhere else, but her body was miles away because we were dragging her.. and that Morgyn took Mara's finger and bit it!

We had so much fun. It was a blast, mud and all!

P.S - Sorry y'all, no pictures!

Leaves around the neighborhood

Details, Details

Bramble leaves

Wind dancers


Blackberry leaf

Another sunset... Different location

I'm lagging.

Sky, Water, Earth

Sunset lovers?

She's taking our picture!

Grassy plain

Purple-ish Sky

More clam diggers...

Enjoying the colors

Color framed

Iredale after sunset

Bridgescape 1

Bridgescape 2

Friday, October 26, 2007


Taken 10/25/07 (Exactly 101 yrs later)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A little bit of pre-halloweenie fun

Is it obvious that I watch too much Asian Horror flicks?

There are several movies that uses electronic devices as possessed and as a weapon for the vengeful spirit to kill people. Let's see... there's the "Phone", "One missed call 1 & 2", "TXT". Phone & One missed call 1 & 2 gives messages about the way a person is gonna die... with pictures, time and everything!

And you know her... The ring chick. Forget crawling outta the TV.. she crawling outta the eyeball oooOOo

Meera hiding


Click on the picture for a larger view.

Hello Moon...

Goodbye Sun...

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Girl with an attitude

Girl with an attitude

She finally smiled!



Bubble my world

Styling Kittles!

Full of pride

Too cool

Astoria Sunset Colors...

Natural love

Rainbow beads...

Just goofing around with an abandoned spiderweb.. =P