Saturday, March 31, 2007

Jojo's expressions




Tiny's color of childhood

Jojo's color of childhood

That's a weird way to think!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Mussel beach

Roseby took me on a wild purple starfish hunt today. She was jumping up and down on huge ass rocks like as if she's on plain level land, and here I was freaking out and thinking 20 times before I took 1 step! We saw a purple starfish but he was wayyyyy down there and the waves started getting bigger and climbing higher and that's the last we saw the lil dude. I did see lots of barnacles and mussels. We gonna go back when it's low tide. Man... I need some climbing and hiking shoes! It was good exercise though.


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Cathedral tree hiking trail

I had today off... So Roseby and I decided we are going hiking. We hiked up to the cathedral tree and also to the Astoria column and back... 3 miles worth of walking and alot of straying around for photos. It was a boatload of fun =). Now I'm suffering the aftermath of all that on the small of my back.. Ouchie!

Some photos from today... and the rest are here

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Spring music...

Friday, March 23, 2007

Then there is CLOVER...

We found this after we released Hoppy. I was taking pics of some blade of grass when I saw it hop and was so scared of us that it jumped into the water and nearly drowned. Mara rescued it and we took pictures... I started a blog called Mara & Merino's adventures and going to write in that and put the link in here.

Check out Clover.

Hoppy goes home...

We released PrinCESS Hoppy back in where we found HER. (Yeah, we found out she's a girly...) She's a Oregon Red legged frog.

Monday, March 19, 2007

My prince charming is a bullfrog named Prince Hoppy

My coworker Mara and I went out rock hunting yesterday after we had lunch at the resturant. We went down to a creek to get some nice smooth rocks so the kids could paint it for letter "R" week. We had to move farther down the creek and Mara hopped over the water to a rock bank and was getting some rocks while I stood there a bit hesitant not wanting to fall in or slip... Plus I had to use the bathroom really bad and in order for me to keep my mind off of that (babbling creek didn't help one bit either), I started to explore.

I was sad I didn't bring my camera along, cuz we weren't really planning to be out there anyways... Just then I spotted him. He was all snug on a tree stump with ferns growing around.. he looked so majestic. I showed him to Mara and decided we were gonna come home and grab the camera. We also stopped by to grab Mara's daughter Morgyn from the church and grabbed the camera and came back to the location. We were gone for a good hour and the froggie was still in the same spot.

I was getting ready to take pic when I noticed the camera wouldn't turn on... Well, I forgot to check the battery, it was in there, it was recharging at home! UGH. I checked for the memory card and not the battery. Sooo... we decided to frognap the dude and named him Prince Hoppy. We have at the daycare for the kids to see... We gonna take him back in a few days so he doesn't have a heart attack cuz of the kids... He won't quit staring at us... so creepy.

Mara went and got some live crickets for him.. and he wasn't too hungry. I went over to check on him.. and saw a tiny cricket outside of the habitat.. He saw me and went right back inside the hole he came from. HAHA. That was funny. Now all the kids are saying I'm gonna kiss the frog so I can get a prince charming. First it was the cow, and now the frog!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Starry globes

The sun was peaking through the clouds and hit the drops just right. I had to crop the clutters outta the image.

First of the season

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Zoo fever!

When you are sick of looking at people, just go to the zoo zoo zooooo. Spring would be a perfect time to check out the zoo with new babies coming and all!