Sunday, September 30, 2007

Rainy day blues chaser

So fascinated...

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Friday, September 28, 2007

Ain't that cute?

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Minuscule - Catapult

Minuscule - Picnic

Two Sad News

SKP & Fat Joe Schemer died! =(. Before you wonder why the hell I'm crying about some stupid rappers you've never heard of... I'm talking about my froggies! *Sniff* *Sniff*

They've been good.. I've had them since August 11th. My poor little slimey hoppers... they died in a "hoppy" position... Really haunting. Bah. I guess it's time for me to make a trip to my brother's to bring 2 more.

Hmmm.. I wonder.. Few days ago I told mom that I was thinking of taking the froggies back and letting them go, and then catching a couple more in place of SKP & Fat Joe... I bet they overheard me say that I'm gonna let them go... and they died of happiness or died of saddness... Good grief, I need vacation.

Shriner Cirucus 9.10.2007

My friend literally dragged me to the circus not long ago... Thought it was good... It was smaller compared to some other ones I've seen... BUT this is the only circus that scared the jelabies out of me! The high wire act was kinda scary cuz the first time the dude attempted to jump he almost fell. Then he jumped over his huddled brothers twice! Then the biiiiig thing in the end... A giant ball of steel, and 4 motorbikers in at the same time! It was scary! I dunno how and when I turned into a big sissy... I think what happened is that, I've been exposed to so much J-Horror movies is that my imagination gotten wilder and I imagine crazy things happening even though it doesn't and prolly won't... but WHO KNOWS really...

Some pix here and a few more in

Monday, September 24, 2007

Minuscule - Silence

This cracked me up to see that the poor lil spider dude gets ticked off at annoying water drops and tick tock of clocks... this is why I don't have a clock in my room... hate the tick tocks!

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Sometime back, I chanced upon a little animation shorts on disney channel. It's name... "minuscule", 4-5 minutes tale on a type of bug. It's quite entertaining... I saw one with the spiders, called the Zzzeplin, it's super cute! I dunno how else to explain. I happened to find a handful of those on Will link a video once a day or so I guess. I read somewhere that a DVD compilation with these gems out, but only available in France (because they created it!)! NUTS! I suppose we wait patiently *sighs*

Anyways... here's Zzzeplin.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Full day trip with Roseby part 2

You can find all of the photos in here

Full day trip with Roseby part 1.

Yesterday (Thursday), Roseby and I took a full day trip down to her farm in Appleton past Hood River... The drive was long, but we entertained ourselves. We were all over it seems like... Our final destination was the Multinomah falls. We stopped whatever place that presented a photographic opportunity. Anyways, I'm burnt out still... heh.
Here are random photos in no particular order.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Is it bad of me...?

To want one of these for myself? *innocent look*

Kitty thoughts

One of my cats, Meera, roams around and all over... and then later at twilight hour she comes and meows at my window. I have to drag my sleepy butt outta the bed to let that crazy kitty butt in. Usually she likes to check in between 1-2.30am. It made me wonder last night... what the heck is she doing out there all this while? What's out there in her kitty world that is so fascinating that she doesn't come home till that late??? Now she is snoozing all curled up on my bed and it's 11:57am. Surely she doesn't get that from me...! Well maybe just the sleeping in part, but what about the roam around till late at night part? Atleast I come home before 11!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Cool Dude

Body Worlds 3

Where do I begin?! I saw the most awsomest exhibition ever today. Real human bodies fant"art"istically shaped and moulded through Plastination. MAN! It's just beyond words, you just have to go see it for yourself. Sucky part was that no photography was allowed at the viewing... I googled it up, and there some really good ones as the rest. My favorite happens to be THE ARCHER, she's just beautiful! She's got a good brain on her head, seriously now... it was sitting on top of her skull, it made her look like a Japanese warrior woman... Couple of my other faves are MUMMY (he is not... I forgot what he was called =(. He reminded me of a mummy though) and SKINNER (forgot his name too... eep. I hope I don't get hauntings tonight.)
It was definitely worth every dollar and time spent! If there's an exhibition near you, go shooo, what the you waiting for? your body to be plastinated? Go check it out!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Rare Meteor Shower

This is where I call it accidental photography. I didn't go outside till 4:30am, and I believe by this time things slowed down or that I was in the wrong spot... I saw 4 meteors just all over the place between long intervals within an hour... Then I knew for sure, I've missed the big thing. I did manage to accidentally catch 1 right off the bat while I was playing with settings... HA! Atleast I can say I witnessed something special...

Few random ones of nothing but sky in here

What's so special about this meteor shower? Read on...

Fun with frogs...

Taken a few weeks ago, I'm lagging I know...!

^^^^ that one was twice the size of the little ones

Crazy Riders

Random flower shots